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Business & Commercial Litigation
Litigation is a fact of  modern life.  When your business interests are involved, your success is our first concern.

Whether you are faced with a lawsuit or arbitration or you need to pursue legal remedies for breach of contract, collection on accounts, business transactions gone awry, or other aspects of your business, you can rely on our experience and expertise, in both federal and state courts, to protect your business and your interests.  Our litigators have over 50 years of combined experience in all aspects of commercial litigation and business negotiations.  We will analyze the issues and work closely with you to develop a strategy to obtain positive results for you and your business that is both cost-effective and designed to produce a timely resolution.  If litigation can be avoided, without sacrificing your interests, we will work with you to negotiate the best outcome possible.

We also have substantial experience in obtaining pre-judgment security and recovering fraudulently conveyed assets, as well as post-judgment collections including initiating depositions in enforcement proceedings and levies of execution.

Historically, BLG’s predecessors concentrated on representing insurance companies in claims against automobile, homeowners and business policies.  BLG has continued to specialize in that aspect of litigation.  Moreover, our attorneys have extensive experience in utilities and telecommunications lawsuits.

As a well-rounded litigation firm, BLG can effectively protect your interests in your business, regardless of its size or the nature of the problem.

Our attorneys can represent you and your business interests in litigation matters involving:

  • breach of contract & contract interpretation
  • business disputes
  • claims involving insurance policies
  • collection of amounts due
  • lessor/lessee disputes
  • negotiations
  • protection of intellectual property rights
  • shareholder & partnership disputes
  • transaction disputes
  • Uniform Commercial Code violations



  • Protected medical practice against civil rights violation by landlord and prevented eviction of practice

  • Protected commercial landlord’s interests when tenant vacated premises prior to lease term expiration and obtained and collected rent due for remainder of lease term

  • Negotiated favorable buy-out of minority owner’s interest in closely held restaurant business when majority owner sought to freeze out minority owner

  • Defended insurance company against claims brought by policyholder

  • Obtained judgments for major Boston utility in suits to collect unpaid customer accounts

  • Collected on judgments obtained in foreign jurisdictions

  • Successful strategic defense of a regional telecommunications carrier against a nationwide commercial telecommunications company

  • Representation of major Massachusetts utility provider in debt collection cases and defense of unfair practices claims


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